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Why should I buy the E-Z LINE®, when I already have another alignment system?

E-Z LINE® is faster and much easier to use than other systems, which in turn saves you time and money.

Can I use the E-Z LINE® to align a tractor or trailer with one person?

Yes, simply use a heavy weight with a 1/4″ screw to hold the measuring tape.

When I am aligning a truck or trailer, why not go to the outside of the wheel?

There are too many variances on the outside of the wheel that could lead to errors and inaccurate readings.

Can I align the rear end of a tractor with the E-Z LINE®?

Yes, refer to the E-Z LINE® video or brochure for instructions.

Can I set the toe with one person?


When setting the toe, do I have to jack up the vehicle and take a wheel run out test?

No. You are reading off of a flat true spot on the wheel. By placing both lasers at an equal distance from the center of the wheel you will always get an accurate reading.

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